Sunday, March 30, 2008

Closing out the week on film:

To close this week's posts that focused on media and using media to reach out to the world, I wanted to showcase one last film. Victoria T is a colleague and friend, who would like to spend her time filming what I like blogging about - the impact of technology in developing countries - and using film to spread the word. As seen from some of the previous posts, media is powerful and can reach millions more effectively than anything else.

Victoria started a non-profit production company called {Develop} in 2007, that focuses on exactly this topic. I encourage you to view her first film "Mayan Territory" here, which has already aired on PBS. The projects are partially self-funded and partially with money raised from various organizations...meaning it takes time between projects. She is an amateur filmmaker, and personally I think she's got a great talent for it.

Anyways, check it out. Mayan Territory is
"a documentary that is beautifully filmed in over 15 rural and urban locations in Guatemala, Belize and Southern Mexico, a region that is known for both its conflicting poverty from civil war, as well as the crucible of the Mayan civilization. From their own voices, this film examines how technology and ideas have impacted the individual lives of villagers and volunteers alike, and shares my learning experience by portraying villages as I see them: with dignity, focusing on their culture and showing ideas that have risen from their own people to empower them."

I am going to try to get Victoria to guest blog on here. She already has a blog for {Develop} here. Hopefully I'll get more people to do the same.

photo credit: jubilo haku

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