Thursday, June 10, 2010

Voices are Crying

Musician Philly Lutaaya (photo source)

A friend of mine from Uganda sent me this. I thought I should share it... I agree. DO take a listen...
There was a popular Ugandan muscian called Philly Lutaaya. He went to exile in Sweden in 1979 and returned to Uganda in 1988 to a hero's welcome. Unfortunately he soon discovered he had AIDS. This was a time when most people across the world were still ignorant about the disease. To create awareness, he asked for his last days to be filmed and a wonderful 2 hour documentary of him was shot by the Swedish Red Cross. It was shown in many countries to create Aids awareness.
Philly was an incredible musician, one of my favourite songs that he did before passing on in 1989 was titled "voices are crying". This song is about the suffering of Africa's peoples at the hands of their leaders.
Do take a listen, the lyrics are trully moving


I'm sorry I've been so quiet the past several months. I was in the process of jobhunting, interviewing and finally moving to a new country. I just moved to Singapore to take up a job at a startup water policy think tank. I'm planning on launching a blog for the organization. Lots of good water stuff will be coming up there. Look out!

My blogging here will suffer (no less than it already has!), but I will do my best to be more regular. Thanks for still sticking around...