Monday, May 5, 2008

Public Health Tweets

1. Chris Blattman blogs about Dr. Gary Sultkin, a public health warrior and peace crusader, who has started an organization called Ceasefire to stop unnecessary shooting and killing, using public health techniques. I must say, its very cool to see how medical principles can be applied (with successful results) outside of just medicine!

2. Shawn blogs about his mosquito bednet project on I think bed nets ROCK! Personally, they have saved my life (and my sleep) a number of times. Bed nets are SO cheap and effective against malaria that I think its a crime for any government to not provide one with the birth of every child.

3. The food crisis has gotten so bad that the poor in Haiti are eating mud. Can someone, anyone explain to me why we are fighting a war that no one wants, while people are eating mud??

4. I've been reading some of the comments on the CBS 60 Minutes website in response to Paul Farmer's segment that aired today. I was truly taken aback by the anger and bitterness against Paul Farmer, whom many accuse of being a "traitor" and "turning his back on his own." This says a lot about how one of the world's wealthiest nations is failing its people most. At the same time, i need to stand up for Paul and all the aid workers who go out on a limb (I like to call it America's good and peaceful force) everyday to undo the damage caused by the American Administration. Were it not for their heroic deeds, we'd have been blown out of the water years ago!

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