Saturday, June 28, 2008

Catching up and a Tworque Beta update

I'm back, and its time to catch up.

Here's the promised update on Tworque Beta:

My original concept was put on hold to address more important related issues that happened to be closer to the professor's heart. We agreed that so little was known about what really works in the field; and that this was a direct result of the lack of documentation of field projects. Our goal, therefore, was to develop some sort of a tool to aid and incentivize documentation. In fact, I learned that this is the key step required to develop better technologies. If you want better designed, sustainable, and implementable technologies, then find out what has already been developed, where the pitfalls are, and what needs to be changed.

We spent a week intensively brainstorming and finetuning our new concept. This was presented at an educator's retreat last week, where educators/academics sought ideas and feedback from their peers on ideas such as these. Feedback was extremely good and encouraging. Everyone agreed that we were onto something critical that could change the world of "aid" if it worked.

Unfortunately on return, I heard that the project had run out of funding; and so this project has been put on hold until further funds can be collected. Ah, the fickle world of "aid"!

To celebrate being back and having a bit more time to blog, I wanted to share my favorite video. It plainly and simply identifies what works for when you want to connect with people, regardless of where you are in the world...ENJOY! (and if you've seen it before, try it always puts a smile on my face!)


Alanna said...

I'm sorry your funding fell through. The interest shows you're on to something, though.

I am embarrassed to admit that video always makes me cry.

pragzz said...

Thanks, as always, for your support Alanna! I'm fairly confident that someone somewhere will start working on this concept. And that's the ultimate goal...that this type of work get done...

Don't be embarrassed about crying. You are in good company. The joy reflected in the video is so pure that I find myself tearing up as well. :)

A said...

Would you be willing to email me more detail on the plans you'd made for Tworque beta? I am wondering if maybe you could get funding for it on your own efforts and I'd love to help.

pragzz said... coming up!