Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Get some $$$ for your jingle!!

Got this in my email this morning. Write never know if you might win!

(wait that's a great jingle already!!)


Global handwashing day contest

As a contribution to Global Handwashing Day on October 15, 2009, the IRC/USAID Sanitation Updates news feed is having a Handwashing Slogan Contest.
  • Participants may enter as many slogans as he or she wishes
  • Each slogan must be 8 words or less
  • October 13 is the contest deadline
  • Contest winners will be announced on October 15th and 1st, 2nd and 3rd place slogans and authors will be featured on Sanitation Updates

Please post slogan submisisons in the Comments section of Sanitation Updates,, or email them to:

Examples of slogans include:
  • Be aware, wash with care!
  • Filthy fingers forecast sickness and sadness.
  • Drown a germ and wash your hands!


"Enhancing U.S. Leadership on Drinking Water and Sanitation"

You may be interested in a report that was recently released by the CSIS Global Health Policy Center : “Enhancing U.S. Leadership on Drinking Water and Sanitation - Opportunities within Global Health Programs” by Katherine Bliss, a CSIS Senior Fellow.

Here is an excerpt from the introduction:

“With the Obama administration's announcement of a new Global Health Initiative, the time is right for U.S. agencies to assert political leadership in addressing the persistent and significant global health challenges related to water and sanitation. This report focuses on the links among water, sanitation, and the health sector and identifies opportunities for greater U.S. engagement on water and sanitation as global health challenges.”

A digital version is available : . A hard-copy of the publication is forth coming.


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