Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

This is a list of FAQs, and I'll update them as necessary.

1. Is "Tworque" a word? How did it come up??
I gotta say this is my #1 question!

Well, "tworque" is my word. It means revolutionary (as in "torque") technology and thinking and ideas...that work (get it?? Torque with a 'w' in there...). I believe that even old ideas that are "tweaked" or retrofitted or reworked to make sense for a set population are also revolutionary. So "tworque" combines revolutionary tweaking, and things/thoughts that work.

2. Where were you between July 2008 and Jan 2009. I ask 'cause your blog was quiet?
I was working at the X PRIZE Foundation helping them design a Global Development prize. I am an independent consultant, working on different projects as they come up and interest me. Some projects can be more demanding than others, as was my work at the X PRIZE Foundation. Also, their blog (which I was helping build readership for) was covering a lot of the issues I was posting over here. So it made sense to just focus on theirs until it had a steady readership.

3. I read that you attended TED2009 in Long Beach as a TED Fellow, and put up a list of great FAQs. Where are the TED FAQ's?
Here's FAQ I, FAQII, and FAQIII; Also check out the TED Fellows blog here.

4. How do I email you?
If you are a crazy Nigerian trying to get your grandmother out of jail or if you just like stalking me, please leave me alone. I am dirt poor (really...all I have is this blog!).

Anyone else, can email me at tworque AT gmail DOT com

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