Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Tino bikes across the US

Tino is going to spend his summer bicycling across the United States and building affordable housing (photo source:

I feed off the inspiration of others; mostly I watch in awe as other people blow my minds away. I am particularly in awe of people who are athletic, probably because I wish I was more of a physical machine than I am, as for whatever reason, I have been plagued by injuries. Recently, I highlighted Roz Savage's unbelievable row across the Atlantic (she's rowing across the Pacific as we speak...follow her here!!)

And then there is Tino Chow, another of my acquaintances (I'm scared to call him my friend, because I haven't done anything quite as cool as him and I'm sure he will dump me soon!) who is spending his summer riding across the US, building affordable housing along the way. Tino is already amazing on other levels, he is a computer geek/programmer, a former military officer, now graduate of RISD (Rhode Island School of Design, which is the top design school in the US and one of the best in the world). After the summer, I believe he will be starting his own design consultancy.

You should follow Tino on his 4000 mile bicycle journey @ Also watch this video:

Ready, Set, Go: All you need to know about my cross country bike trip from Tino Chow on Vimeo.

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