Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Blog Spotlight: Wronging Rights

photo source: http://www.actagainsttorture.org/photogallery/human_rights_for_all.jpg

I've been following the Wronging Rights blog for some time now and have really enjoyed the material they put out. The authors are a pair of Americans I think, Amanda and Kate, who have put up very little information about themselves. But I sense that they are both Human Rights lawyers or have some such background.

Anyways, the blog focuses on calling out Human Rights violations and violators around the developing world. There is a great deal more emphasis on Africa, than on the other continents (I'm sure this has no bearing on where idiocy prevails...because there is quite a bit of it here locally as well!).

Recently, they did a great series of interviews to educate readers about the Iran protests. I've generally been irritated by the mostly topical and irrelevant information that I've been getting on the web about the current state of affairs there. However, the WR series really boiled down the issues to explain the most important and relevant bits.
Ask an Iranian: Part I, Part II

Anyways, check them out if you have a chance...

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