Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Links I liked from my two month backlog: Part II (India-centric International Development)

Continuing on:

1. The Top 10 Gadgets of the Year:

2. Home-made tools of a bicycle-maker:

3. I'm a passionate believer that infrastructure is necessary for proper economic development (this is why I do what I do). Here, WB economic advisor offers his views on how South Asia can overcome its infrastructure shortfall.

4. Loved this look inside the changes in the Indian Post Office. Let me tell you, you can judge a LOT about a country's development based on how well the postal system works, and how much it is used (which are obviously related!!).

5. Loved this nifty anti-clogging drain device. AWESOME bit of invention.

6. A personalized look at what big business is doing to smaller, personalized businesses. I loved the tenderness of this post.

7. The latest from PostSecret. It puts everything into perspective, and is a snapshot in time.

8. The dangers facing India's growing e-waste production

9. India's e-health revolution that will change healthcare for good!

10. How scale and innovation can coexist.

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