Saturday, April 19, 2008

King Corn (on the subject of the food crisis)

The King Corn guys: showing us the life cycle of corn from field to dinner plate. (source:

I don't watch TV so much to begin with. For one our only TV from 1982 has a regular set of scraggly lines across it that make me cross-eyed and cranky; it makes me fat, and finally, probably as a result, we have no cable (but really, except for Comedy Central, Nat Geo, and Discovery, there isn't anything on!).

So I was lucky on thurs night when I turned on PBS to see a hugely entertaining, but powerful documentary film featured on their Independent Lens show called King Corn. King Corn follows two recent college grads as they unravel America's corn obsession. The two rent an acre of land in Iowa to farm the corn, perform all their farming duties, and spend whatever time they have (which seems like a lot) following the corn from the farm to the dinner plate...

Against the backdrop of our food crisis, King Corn provides fascinating (and humorous) insight into American food policy, our own health crisis of obesity and diabetes, and the larger world food crisis.

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