Wednesday, April 9, 2008

What makes a good water technology: A summary

We've now talked about the water problem, water decontamination, and transport/storage. I can now start blogging about different water technologies i come across.

Before I start going into technologies, I just want to quickly wrap up what I think defines good water technologies. They must address one or more of the following:

1. Accessibility: The technology must help collect, store, and/or transport water between the source and the end point of use:

2. Safety/quality: It must improve the quality and safety of water, particularly for human use and/or consumption.

3. Applicability (or Appropriable): It should address specific needs of poorer communities (whatever they are) including being easy to use, actually address a water problem in the community, sturdy, address terrain conditions, etc.

4. Affordability: It should be affordable to the people you are making the technology for. If its too expensive, then find financing options to make it consumable (does not mean you have to cut quality). What's the point otherwise??

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