Monday, April 7, 2008

Masaai Marathon for Water!

Here's some current news to put all the water stuff we've been talking about into perspective.

Tomorrow, a group of six Masaai warriors from northern Tanzania will attempt to run the London Marathon with the hopes of winning the grand prize money. Their motivation?? The money will be used to build watering holes in their villages. You can read more of their article on Yahoo news! here. But here's some to give you a taste:
They survive on fresh blood drained from the neck of a living cow, they often run for days and nights on end to find water and their shoes are made from car tires cut up and strapped to their feet.

So running the London Marathon should be no problem for six Maasai warriors who have come to Britain from their village of Elaui in northern Tanzania as part of a campaign to raise money to find a vital water source (

"Back at home we sometimes run for 5 or 6 days, day and night," Isaya, a young warrior clothed in a red robe and adorned with traditional beaded jewelry, told Reuters in an interview. "Twenty-six miles not far." [...]

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