Friday, August 22, 2008

Emeka Okafor and good blogs on Africa

Emeka Okafor at the TED Global conference

I've done some research on TED Africa. Turns out that Emeka Okafor is the brains behind this amazing conference. He also has a major presence in the African blogosphere. Check out his excellent blogs Africa Unchained, and Timbuktu Chronicles. They are some of the best I've come across and he leads you to a million others...Africans writing about Africa.

Emeka has his hands in several African ventures, including Caranda Fine Foods, that sources gourmet teas and coffees from around Sub Saharan Africa. Caranda products can be found in most Whole Foods stores.

An interview with Emeka by The African Executive
Another interview with WhiteAfrican


Alanna said...

For African blogs, I've also heard good things about

By the way - it's nice to have you back and posting regularly.

pragzz said...

Thanks A! (and thanks for reading as always :-) )