Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Olympians turned Entrepreneurs

1992 Olympian Mary Mazzio on the set of "Apple Pie" (photo courtesy: Spoiler Alert Radio)

So on my Olympics binge today, I discovered this great Forbes.com article about Olympian Entrepreneurs. I've always wondered what happens to these amazing athletes. Lornah's story is just one (there is a similar story about India's famed runner P.T Usha, who went on to start her own girl's sports academy). But what about the rest...particularly those with access to better resources??

Check out the Forbes article. Probably the coolest of the outlined bunch is Mary Mazzio, U.S rower extraordinaire from the 1992 Olympics, who went on to get a J.D and a film degree after the Olympics and finally founded her own film company, 50 eggs. The company mostly produces award-winning documentaries about stories that others overlook - working moms, moms of athletes, moms of entrepreneurs. BusinessPundit wrote a great profile on Mary, and I agree with her...we need more of her out there.

BTW, Mary didn't win a medal in the Olympics (nor did P.T Usha for that matter). But really does it matter??

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