Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Waterless Urinals

Kohler's line of waterless urinals (photo courtesy:

You are probably cringing as I write this. I did too. Men's bathrooms smell bad enough with running water...imagine how bad it could be without water!

One of my biggest annoyances when I'm traveling through developing countries is the presence of the ubiquitous man-facing-the-wall-and-peeing-wherever-he-feels-like-it. Many guys suggest that my irritation comes from not being anatomically endowed to do it myself. I disagree. My irritation comes from the sheer inconsiderate and unsanitary nature of this behavior. Many developing countries have enough waste and sanitation problems without having to deal with issues like this.

But there are water problems and the smell from many urinals is often unbearable, so can waterless urinals really work?? Apparently so.

How do they work??

How a waterless urinal works (photo courtesy:

Fascinating stuff. Apparently they require little maintenance, and no water; and still are odorless and sanitary. This makes it perfect for the developing Falcon Waterfree Technologies has already shown by installing their line in the men's bathrooms at the Taj Mahal in India.

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Chris said...

I'm glad you were converted. A waterless urinal is a wonderful creation!