Tuesday, August 26, 2008


An Indian Schoolbus (photo courtesy: Only in India, Oddee)

Check out Oddee, a blog that highlights interesting things from around the world in pictures...things like:

World's most worthless money (I've used two of those currencies and its ridiculous to be carrying around so much in your pocket. On one hand you feel really rich, and on the other, you feel really ripped off!)

Only in India (I laughed so hard; but ironically too true!)

10 Crazy Japanese Ideas
(They even have a word for useless Japanese inventions. It escapes me...but there is a book about it. Here's more to keep you going!)

World's Funniest Fortune Cookies Ever (I've always wondered who these people are who sit around writing the fortunes all day)

10 Most Bizarre Scientific Papers (seriously, PhD's are overrated!)

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