Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Blog Spotlight: Unemployability

With unemployment on the rise around the world, this is probably soon going to be the most subscribed blog (or atleast it will speak to a lot of people). Its funny, pretty interesting, and very appropriate for this time. And makes light of an otherwise depressing situation.

Here's a sample post:

Yesterday in New York, around 40 laid off professionals competed in the Unemployment Olympics.

A Fax Machine Toss, Race Towards Unemployment and Pin the Blame on the Boss were just a few of the featured events.

The jobless got a chance - not just to get off the couch and out of the house for the first time since they were let go - but to meet their local, equally underemployed counterparts and potentially network.

They also got to put their frustration to good use, channeling their rage into athletic prowess (or something resembling it).

Victorious Olympians won gift certificates from local bars and restaurants, who sponsored the event.

Between Laid Off Camp and yesterday’s festivities, joblessness has never been so much fun! These days, it’s called Funemployment for a reason.

News of the event reminded me of the original Games for the unemployed, the Hipster Olympics:

[hat tip Bob Sutton]

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