Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Is the radio dying??

The oft heard, but rarely seen stars of NPR. (photo credit: FastCompany)

I think some technologies won't ever go obsolete. The radio is one of them. Even with iPods, CDs and every other kind of listening technology, people in the developed world seem to cling to the radio just as much as people in the developing world.

As a kid and even as an adult traveling through some remote regions of the world, the radio was and continues to be the center of most people's lives. Music, news, and shows continue to provide the soundtrack to most people's lives. Often "in the field," the radio is my one lifeline out of the space I happen to be in at that point. It connects me to the rest of the world. Listening to the BBC news gives me a level of comfort that I can't quite describe to anyone.

This is why I was pleased to read this piece in FastCompany about NPR's (National Public Radio - by far, the best radio station in the United States and one of the best in the world) ability to redefine itself and charge forward with high quality programming, in the face of stiff competition and the financial difficulties resulting from the economic crisis.

As Americans continue to find themselves stuck in the irritation of a long morning or evening commute between their work and homes, many continue to seek sanity in NPR's excellent programs.

One of my favorite shows continues to be This I Believe that gets input from over 90 countries from around the world. The program focuses on a fundamental lesson that a person has learned in their life. Check out the free podcasts and programs. I am sure you will also be hooked.

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