Tuesday, March 10, 2009

The 1 Second Film Project

A week ago, I met filmmaker and animator Nirav Mullik who has a great idea called the 1-second film. I'm now a producer of the soon-to-be international collaborative (and so can you!)...having given him the $11 I had in my pocket that evening. Check out the concept here:

On his blog, Nirvan explains:
The 1 Second Film (the1secondfilm.com) is a non-profit collaborative project I started while at CalArts. The idea is to use art to bring people together and make a film from the ground up. All profits from the finished film will be donated to charity. So far, over 10,000 people have joined.
The 1 Second Film project is built around one-second of experimental animation (made of 12 giant paintings). Anyone can produce the film by donating $1 or more; Producers get their name in the credits listed in order of amount. With over 10,000 Producers and counting, the credits will be an hour long. We're making a feature-length documentary about the film that will play alongside the credits. We're also building an online community for our crew.

The project has received a ton of support, and continues to be an incredible journey. The film is ultimately about the process of making art, and the power of collaboration.

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