Monday, March 30, 2009

Become a TEDGlobal Fellow

[via Boing Boing]
Organizers of the TED Conference announced on March 6, 2009 that they would begin the search for the inaugural class of TEDGlobal Fellows to participate in the TEDGlobal Conference in Oxford, U.K. This announcement follows the successful TED Fellows program launch at TED2009 last month in Long Beach, California. The program will accept applications for fellowships from March 6, 2009 through April 3, 2009. For more information about how individuals may apply for a TEDGlobal Fellowship, please visit. TED Fellows may apply or be nominated by another individual. To nominate a candidate, email

Please note that TED will also be accepting nominations for the TEDIndia shortly; TEDGlobal will take about 25 candidates, while TEDIndia will take about 100. The application process for each is separate. I do believe that they have a rollover possibility for the TEDGlobal applicants, i.e. you will have the option to let your application rollover to the TEDIndia Fellowship process if you do not get into the TEDGlobal Fellows Program.

I was a TEDLong Beach Fellow and it was an amazing experience, so I would highly encourage all of you to apply. Here are some FAQs from current Fellows and separately FAQs by the TEDstaff; and here is the current TEDFellows blog.


kalahiro said...


I'm interested in applying for this year's fellowship. I wanted a little help on how to answer the questions since I don't seem to understand the difference between a few of them.

pragzz said...

sure. you can either email me for unofficial answers at OR you can directly write to for official answers.