Tuesday, March 31, 2009

"Give me a boy at 7 and I will tell you the man."

Over the past few days, I have been very taken with a documentary series called the Up Series. I picked it up at the local library (recommended!)...but you can buy it here (and then donate it to the library if you wish!!). There were two premises that the documentary sought to challenge:
  • The idea that a child at 7 ("Give me a boy at 7, and I shall tell you the man") has all the qualities and personality to take him/her into adulthood. 
  • The question of what a child at 7 would grow up to be in the year 2000, i.e. what is the future of Britain??

On this note, Michael Apted and his crew scoured England in the 1960's, and found 14 different children from uniquely different backgrounds, to follow over the course of the years. The goal was to return and film then every seven years, until the year 2000. These "children" are now age 52, and the last installment was filmed when they were 49. I have watched all the way until 42, and it is absolutely fascinating. I found myself questioning and wondering how much their child-like qualities have showcased themselves as they have grown.

The whole thing is absolutely fascinating. I'm curious to hear your own thoughts on these issues...firstly, do you believe that the entire personality of an adult is formed as a child?? 


A bit of a spoiler alert below, but if you are interested in hearing Michael Apted's point of view, watch the following interview:

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