Monday, March 16, 2009

Lessons from Jeff Bezos Founder Jeff Bezos gave a great interview with Charlie Rose. The entire thing is available here (and below):

Lessons from Jeff Bezos:

1. Keep prices low, but not at the cost of quality.

2. Be reliable and dependable. People will trust you and stick.

3. Constantly experiment and innovate to improve the quality of your product. In this case, increase the simplicity, efficiency and delivery of your product to the customer.

4. Be prepared to fail. Failure is good, just learn from it.

5. Be culturally sensitive. Always adapt to local culture; create local jobs and use local skills as much as possible in a way that works for your organization.

6. Think long-term (be in it for the "long haul"), and be willing to be misunderstood (I'm not sure I understand this part!).

The Kindle is cool, but what happens to libraries now?? Do they all move to the third world now??

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