Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Become a PopTech Fellow

Become a PopTech Fellow and learn various skills from the best in the business (above an exercise in digital storytelling at the Fellows' conference. photo: Kris Krug)

PopTech is another phenomenal conference that brings together eclectic thinkers and do-ers for a three-day conference in Maine, New England, in the Fall. I've heard many people describe it as the "quaint TED." In my opinion TED is very big...1500 people in a single room is a LOT at any given time, so I would encourage you to also look at PopTech.

PopTech has an excellent Fellows program as well. I know a few of the Fellows and they have spoken very highly about it. As with TED, the PopTech Fellows' Conference precedes the main conference, and is a 3-4 day crash course in bonding and getting things done efficiently. The quality of people there is EXCELLENT...atleast what I have seen of them.

Here is a glimpse into the PopTech Fellows Program.

Apply here.

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