Friday, February 20, 2009

Favorite TED Moments: Conversations with Barry Schwartz

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My first post on the series "my favorite TED moments" is up on the Fellows blog.
Among my many favorite memories is talking to Barry before his talk, following up with him after his talk, and then finding out the story behind his talk. Allow me to share this.
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Jane said...

Did you figure I'd find my way here? Somehow I feel a wonderful kinship with you, across the geographical and temporal and generational divide.
I, too, loved the Barry Schwartz talk. It plain made good sense. It caused me to think how do we help children in this part of the world, realize their responsibility to each other,the community--micro and macrocosmically.
Do you know the story of Dorian Gray? If not, I'll tell you about it. But I feel we have sold our souls similarly. I love Mr. Schwartz's idea of honoring those who do the right thing, and these people don't have to be celebrity heroes, just garden variety will do just fine. Don't you think?
Thanks for sharing both your lovely heart and your stunning mind.