Tuesday, February 24, 2009

India makes a new laptop

At TED2009 a couple of weeks ago, Nicholas Negroponte strode atop the TED stage yet again (he somehow seems to keep getting time on that stage!), and threw a couple of his OLPCs about the floor (heck, I would have done that years ago for free!). He also announced that he is finally releasing or open-sourcing all the hardware from the OLPC (wow...and this took only how many years!!).

In the meantime, India has plans to release its own version of a laptop of sorts (not sure if it'll be a laptop or something better!). BBC has the story.

India says it is planning to produce a low cost gadget intended for use by school children and students.

The storage device has been developed as part of a broader national plan to update the technology used by Indian colleges and schools.

Details are scant, but it is planned to use wireless to connect and have 2GB of memory onboard. Reports of the cost vary from $10 to $100.

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