Wednesday, February 25, 2009

The Magic of Letters

One of my favorite blogs that I subscribe to is the NPR series called "This I Believe" that outlines the thoughts and lessons of remarkable men and women from around the world.

Inspired by the "This I Believe" podcast in the United States, a local radio station in Nepal is doing a version of their own "Mero Jindagi" (literally translated to "My Life", but meant to convey the same sentiment as "This I believe").

This week, Chameli Waiba gave her beautiful and powerful story titled "The Magic of Letters." Chameli lives in a rural village in Nepal, was a child bride at 15, and didn't learn to read until she was 21. Learning the alphabet, and later, how to read opened up her world. Today, she heads social and environmental movements in the village she lives in, as well those surrounding hers. In her essay, she talks about the power of letters.

Listen to it here.

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